Cape Cod Weather Instruments

The handsome 6" diameter dials feature highly polished, solid brass cases and make a beautiful addition to any home decor. Cape Cod Wind and Weather indicators have been handcrafted on Cape Cod since 1939 and features a shallow profile.

The quality, precision weather instruments include barometers, temperature indicators, tide and time clocks as well as wind direction and speed indicators available with peak gust registers.

All Cape Cod products are fine precision instruments, sophisticated enough to be used in research, science, aviation, marine and a variety of industrial uses, yet are beautifully hand-finished and enhance any location. They become a focal point and a topic of conversation, whether in home, school, office, resort, club or boat.

Each instrument is independent of the others, so you can purchase one or any combination.

Cape Cod Marine Barometer
Cape Codder Clock
Cape Codder Clock with Tide Hand
Cape Cod Tide Keeper Clock
Cape Cod Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Instrument
Cape Cod Wind Direction Indicator
Cape Cod Wind Speed Indicator
Cape Cod Wind Speed with Peak Gust Feature