Downeaster Weather Instruments

Downeaster Wind and Weather instruments was started by Don Kent, a well-known Boston meteorologist and popular TV weatherman in the 1960's. The company produced weather instruments for both home and commercial use.

The Downeaster line features instruments with a more "nautical" style (deeper profile). The elegant 6" diameter dials are available with either white or blue faces and polished brass or brushed nickel cases.

The quality, precision weather instruments include barometers, rain gauges, temperature indicators, tide and time clocks as well as wind direction and speed indicators available with peak gust registers.

All Downeaster products are fine precision instruments, sophisticated enough to be used in research, science, aviation, marine and a variety of industrial uses, yet are beautifully hand-finished and enhance any location. They become a focal point and a topic of conversation, whether in home, school, office, resort, club or boat.

Each instrument is independent of the others, so you can purchase one or any combination.

Downeaster Barometer
Downeaster Freshwater Fishing Barometer
Downeaster Quartz Clock
Downeaster Standard Tide Clock
Downeaster "The Wave" Tide Clock
Downeaster Rainfall Instrument
Downeaster Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Instrument
Downeaster Wind Direction Indicator
Downeaster Wind Speed Indicator with "Tru-Gust" Feature
Downeaster Wind Speed & Direction Combo - Lighthouse Series
Downeaster Wind Speed & Direction Combo with "Tru-Gust" Feature