Crab Net Salt and Pepper Shaker with Dock
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Crab Net Salt and Pepper Shaker with Dock

Item#: sfma-CRNSP-D
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Product Description
Celebrate summer's freshest catch! These salt and pepper shakers are decorated with delightful cast pewter medallions of a crab caught in a net and they sit on a charming pewter replica of a dock.

Product Care:
  • Pewter is made of the highest quality lead-free alloy. After use, wash your pewter in warm water, using mild soap with a soft towel. Your pewter should never be exposed to an open flame or excessive heat. Store your pewter trays flat, cups standing upright, etc. to prevent warping. Do not wrap pewter in anything other than the original wrapping to prevent scratching. Never wrap pewter in tissue paper, as fine line scratching will occur. Pewter does not tarnish, but it may become slightly dull with a lot of use, and if you desire to restore its shine, there are some good quality pewter polishes available on the market. With proper care, your pewter will last for generations.
  • Never put pewter in a dishwasher or microwave. Hand wash only!