Gold Wrap Black Titanium Hook Bracelet (4mm)
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Gold Wrap Black Titanium Hook Bracelet (4mm)

Item#: Thc-TiBKGWU400
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Product Description
Gold Wrap Black Titanium Hook 4mm Bracelet is extremely strong yet lightweight making it very comfortable to wear. It is also biocompatible (hypoallergenic) and corrosion resistant.

The hook bracelet has been worn for centuries by islanders in the Caribbean. Folklore of love, luck and safe travels surrounds the simple horseshoe design of the hook bracelet. With the open end of the hook pointed up toward your heart, your love is taken. With the open end of the hook worn down, away from your heart, your love is free or a subtle sign that you are unattached or single. With the hook worn up, keeps your luck with you, worn down you will bring in good luck when in need. Men would leave to fish or deliver goods to other islands sometimes for weeks on end in order to make a living for their families. Their wives would wear the hook down with the open end of the hook pointed away from their heart, down their out stretched arms sending love and faith as they waved good bye to their men embarking on a long and dangerous journey on the high seas. When the men were due to return and their ship was spotted their wives would turn the hook up toward their heart symbolizing the safe return of their men from the dangers of the Caribbean. Copyright 1998 IIL

To order the correct size bracelet, measure around your wrist bone loosely so there is a small gap between the tape measure and the bottom of your wrist, and add a half an inch, select the size that is closest to your measurement.

Product Details:
  • Material: Titanium
  • Item width: 4mm
  • Available sizes: 7'', 7.5''
  • Care: Titanium should NOT be polished, put in any cleaning agents, or hand polished with a cleaning cloth. To clean your Titanium jewelry just run under warm water and pat dry with a tissue. Titanium should not be worn in chlorinated pools, hot tubs, while bathing, salt water or put in any solvents or cleaning agents, or when retiring for the night. This can ruin the finish and degrade the metal.