Nautical Breeze Oval Patch Rug
Nautical Breeze Oval Patch Rug
Nautical Breeze Oval Patch Rug
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Product Description
The Nautical Breeze Hand Stenciled Oval Patch Rug is perfect for any room in your coastal home!

Kitchens and baths are great since Earth Rugs™ naturally repel water. This means water and most liquid spills will bead up to the surface first, allowing for quick clean-up.

Fireplaces are great because Earth Rugs™ are naturally fire Retardant. Earth Rugs™ meet the Consumer Products Safety Commission Standard FF-2-70 for flammability. This means, if a spark lands on an Earth Rug® it will not ignite but rather will smolder. Earth Rugs™ are safer than synthetic rugs and other natural fiber rugs. They are absolutely perfect near the fireplace or beneath the Christmas Tree!

Entryways, Hallways & Mudrooms make use of our unique sizes and shapes designed to fit entryways in homes, boats, or RV's!

Dorms are a natural for Earth Rugs™. Students need rugged durability. Earth Rugs™ are available in vibrant colors and are terrific on campus!

Earth Rugs™ are made from 100% natural jute fiber. Jute has natural water repellent characteristics and is one of the strongest fibers known to man! It was used on seagoing ships before the invention of steel cables. Woven into rugs, jute fibers provide lasting beauty and strength. They withstand commercial use and can last a lifetime in the home.

Cleaning: Just like other fine rugs, they can be cleaned with mild soap and water, a mild carpet shampoo or commercially dry-cleaned. Cleaning enhances the beauty of these rugs. Vacuum normally. Do not machine wash.

Dimensions: 20" x 30"

Artwork by: Sandy Clough.