There is no such thing as "too much" when it comes to all things coastal!

Have fun shopping!

Anchors Away With This Trio!
Candles & Holders
A Must For Every Coastal Home!
Handpainted Clocks
A Fun Accent!
Tide Clocks
The Tide Ebbs and Floods in the Picture!
Granite Desk Toppers
Sea Stones - A Unique Desk Accessory!
Sea-Stones Knobs & Hooks
Warmth, personality and character!
Nautical Mirrors for any room in the house!
Pillows & RugsSwitch Plates
Handpainted & Decorative
Sailboat With Abaca Rope & Seashells
Ideal For Your Nautical Décor!
Chart your course with the nautical accent tables!
Window & Door Treatments
Give your home a new coastal look!